Quick question. Is it possible to create directory in /proc that starts with number but isn't process directory (where name is PID)? I write software that searches for process directories and I wonder what conditions should I check.


No part of the official kernel currently does that, nor any third-party kernel module that I've seen. Only a kernel component could do that.

I think that /proc/[0-9]* is common enough in shell scripts that no official kernel component will ever do that.


It is not possible to create manually (in the usual way) a directory in /proc because it is not really a filesystem: it's a way for the kernel to show system and process information in a hierarchical, filesystem-like structure.

The only way someone could create a directory under proc is by writing a kernel module that does so, but that would mess up things quite a bit. So I think it's safe for you to assume /proc/[0-9]* always relate to processes.

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