I have an AWS linux instance with a root drive of 32GB.
I have an EBS mount of 20GB

On my root I ran out of space, so I cleared out some files. However my root drive is still full. I can't find out why because when I look at sizes of the directories using du and ncdu they show the drive should have a lot of space.


I get the following results

Filesystem     1K-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvda1      32894812 31946092    848472  98% /
devtmpfs         2017224       60   2017164   1% /dev
tmpfs            2025364        0   2025364   0% /dev/shm
/dev/xvdh       20511356  4459276  15003504  23% /mnt/ebs

My /dev/xvda1 is still full

After some research I installed a great tool ncdu to display disk space and the results are:

ncdu 1.10 ~ Use the arrow keys to navigate, press ? for help                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
--- / -------------------------------------           
     4.2GiB [##########] /mnt                          
     1.5GiB [###       ] /var
     1.2GiB [##        ] /usr
   684.9MiB [#         ] /opt
   464.3MiB [#         ] /home
   141.7MiB [          ] /lib
    53.5MiB [          ] /boot
    21.2MiB [          ] /lib64
    10.8MiB [          ] /sbin
     8.1MiB [          ] /bin
     7.1MiB [          ] /etc
     2.7MiB [          ] /tmp
    60.0KiB [          ] /dev
    48.0KiB [          ] /root
 e  16.0KiB [          ] /lost+found
 e   4.0KiB [          ] /srv
 e   4.0KiB [          ] /selinux
 e   4.0KiB [          ] /media
 e   4.0KiB [          ] /local
 .   0.0  B [          ] /proc
     0.0  B [          ] /sys
     0.0  B [          ]  .autofsck

If I du -h my total is 8.3G /

So why would my disk be 95% full when it clearly has a lot of space. Am I missing something to do with the mounts and is there any other tool I can run to find out why it is 95% full?


What did you delete? If you remove a file that is still in use by a running process (e.g., a daemon), that disk space is only released when the process is shut down/restarted.

For example, if you removed current Apache log files, the space will still be in use until you restart Apache. Similarly for system logs (those in /var/log).

You can either:

  • Restart the process(es) in question (e.g. Apache, syslogd, etc).
  • Restart your system.

Once you do one of the above, you should see more available space.

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  • You are right. After restarting a process that I know I removed some files from the used space has gone to 16% /dev/xvda1 32894812 5133296 27661268 16% / I can see how my process went wrong. I changed the home location of a build server to a different mount and restarted the build server and once I confirmed it was running correctly I deleted the old directory. There must have still been a lock on that directory as the logs still get written there. – Shawn Vader Jul 26 '15 at 11:41

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