How can I create desktop shortcuts for any application in Elementary Freya os? If I try to drag and put in desktop, my cursor changes — then how can I get back my mouse pointer without logout or restart?

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You can desktop shortcut by installing the Nautilus file manager.

  1. Install Nautilus without all the related Gnome packages and dconf-editor, by running the following command in terminal:

    sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends nautilus dconf-tools
  2. Edit the following config entries by running dconf-editor in terminal or starting dconf-editor from Slingshot:


    Check entries you'd like to see on the desktop


    Add nautilus -n so the entry should look somewhat like this:

    ['wingpanel', 'plank', 'slingshot-launcher --silent', 'nautilus -n']

    Run nautilus -n


    Tick the show-desktop-icons box

Doubled mouse cursor is a bug that affects the Ubuntu lts-utopic hardware enablement stack (which is what elementary OS Freya uses). You can see the bug report here.

If you experience the bug, you can reset your cursor by logging out or changing TTYs (Ctrl + Alt + Fn).

Source: elementary OS at stackexchange

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