I have two routers. One has Chaos Calmer and the other has Attitude Adjustment. When I turn them on and check arp, nothing comes up. When I check route, the hardware address says (incomplete) but the IP address is showing up.

So, I restarted my routers and hit the reset button and was able to telnet into the routers. I can't ssh into them.

When telnet starts

  • It says root@(none) instead of root@openwrt
  • My network and wireless files are missing.
  • When I try to run opkg, I get this error:

    opkg_conf_load: Could not create lock file /var/lock/opkg.lock: No such file or directory.


I've been searching online and there are a lot of different possibilities for what could be wrong (i.e. bugs with opkg, bad configs, etc.). I just think I'm going to flash the router.

  • Is root@(none) an indicator that I am in failsafe mode?
  • How can I flash the router without opkg not working? Opkg has documentation, but the page says there are a lot of errors with the documentation. So, does anyone have a tried method that they have used. (I have an offline copy of attitude adjustment and chaos calmer though from my original download)
  • Is there a link between the (incomplete) hardware address and the opkg problem? I'm guessing yes, but I didn't want to assume.

I'd appreciate any help, suggestions, advice, etc. for any of these points.

Thanks you for any help in advance.


For anyone looking for an answer on this extremely old question: If the router is in failsafe, you need to mount_root before anything else, and then change the password. Telnet access sticks until the password is changed to something other than the default (blank).

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