I am trying to import a mysqldump file into my mysql database, but my (putty) connection to the server keeps timing out halfway through.

I tried to use nohup . . . . & but this doesn't appear to work.

My Command is

nohup sudo mysql -hlocalhost -P3306 -uxxxxxx -pxxxxxx < /var/lib/mysql/backups/dump.sql &

Which I believe should run it in the background, and persist after my connection to the server dies. However, when I then type jobs to see if it is running, it says:

    [1]   Stopped                 nohup sudo mysql -hlocalhost -P3306 -uxxxxx -pxxxxx < /var/lib/mysql/backups/dump.sql

Am I doing something wrong, or have I completely misunderstood the purpose of nohup . . . . &


sudo probably asks for a password and nohup disconnects the process from the controlling terminal. Use that instead:

sudo sh -c 'nohup mysql -hlocalhost -P3306 -uxxxxxx -pxxxxxx < /var/lib/mysql/backups/dump.sql &'
  • that's great cheers, it worked perfectly. – IGGt Jul 24 '15 at 12:16
  • This solution won't work if db password has special xters. The solution is to use quotes around the password, as per superuser.com/questions/123928/… – Mugoma J. Okomba Jun 19 '17 at 5:49
  • 1
    IMPORTANT!! This works perfectly, but note if an error occurs this will exit. add -f to force the insert. Having to start all over again isn't fun so I thought I'd share! – Yusaf Khaliq Sep 19 '17 at 14:22
  • Per Mugoma's comment above, the corrected command would be something like sudo sh -c "nohup mysql -hlocalhost -P3306 -uxxxxxx -p'x$$$xx' < /var/lib/mysql/backups/dump.sql &". Note change of single and double quotes. – a coder Jan 29 at 19:00

First, switch to root with

sudo -i


nohup sh -c 'mysql -hlocalhost -P3306 -uxxxxxx -pxxxxxx < /var/lib/mysql/backups/dump.sql' & 

I 'may' have solved this by leaving out the &, and then running nohup . . ., then pressing ctrl-z, then exiting from putty.

So far the MySQL connection appears to be still running

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