I connect to Host1 using ssh and start a screen session. From one of those windows I ssh into the Host2, which launches a screen session on login.

How can I create new/switch between screen windows on Host2? Is there a way to escape the first screen(Host1) and send the command to the second screen(Host2)

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What you have is a nested screen session (using screen within a screen session).

By default, to send commands to the nested session, you hit a second a first:

Ctrl + a a command

For example, to create a new window in the nested session:

Ctrl + a a c

From the screen documentation:

(C-a a) Send the command character (C-a) to the process in the current window.

  • So 'nested screen session' is the magic google word for this, thanks.
    – Stapper
    Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 9:01

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