I need make a SSH multi hop connection from A --> B --> C.

B is a bastion host and C is the target. In my client (A), I have two SSH certificates, one for B and one for C.

How do I connect to C without having the certificate for C on the host B?

  • ssh local forwarding should to this job. – user124814 Jul 24 '15 at 8:07
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    What do you mean by certificate C in host B? Have you tried tunneling? linuxhorizon.ro/ssh-tunnel.html – YoMismo Jul 24 '15 at 8:10
  • I need have the 2 certiifcate (for B and C) only in A – hellb0y77 Jul 24 '15 at 8:22
  • What is the certificate? the public key to connect without a password? the string that identifies a server so that no MIM atack can take place and is kept in the known_hosts file? – YoMismo Jul 24 '15 at 8:54
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