I'd like to know whether there are any Systemd equivalents for *BSD distributions, basically something that can handle dependencies between services (service A requires B to be started, so until B is ready don't start A) and has a sane service file format (like a configuration file that tells it what to start and when, instead of an initscript).

After using it on Linux I can't even think of going back to a legacy initscripts-based distribution, and yet I'd like to try a BSD (I need a very minimal system for a router & access point).

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FreeBSD's init system has dependency. Please check man rcorder:

The rcorder utility is designed to print out a dependency ordering of a set of interdependent files. Typically it is used to find an execution sequence for a set of shell scripts in which certain files must be executed before others.

If your service isn't too complicated then its rc-script would simple too. If your service is complicated, the systemd unit file will be complicated too. See the rc.d scripting documentation:


. /etc/rc.subr



load_rc_config $name
run_rc_command "$1"

I think it's not complicated. More details see the documentations!


FreeBSD gives you a nice simple way to do this in the rc.d scripts.

Look at man rc. You'll see how the order is worked out. In essence, you state what service a script provides, and which services it needs to be running first. Here's an example:

# PROVIDE: foo
# REQUIRE: bar_service_required_to_precede_foo

The rest should happen automagically.

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