I was wondering whether and how it is possible to add meta information to the application found when using the search box. Every time I intended to use for instance Okular I'd type 'PDF' to search for it but wondering why Okular wouldn't turn up (see image below).

enter image description here

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One way that works is via the menu configuration..

Mouse right-click on the menu button and click Configure..:

enter image description here

Click Open the menu editor: enter image description here

Within the opened editor, go to the application of interest and open Properties where additional information can be added to the Comment box: enter image description here

Now, searching for this comment is possible via the search box: enter image description here

Interesting would be still where this information is stored file-wise. That, I couldn't figure out yet. I tried using grep but I couldn't find any matching file with the comment.

DISCLAIMER: I had an epiphany while preparing my question so I provide the answer as well.

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