I would like to test the behaviour of a program which executes queries to a PostgreSQL server in case of a query timeout.

How could I simulate that?

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    When you say "query timeout" do you mean a statement_timeout? Or do you mean a TCP/IP timeout due to connection loss? Quite different behaviour. – Craig Ringer Jul 22 '15 at 3:41

If you are just trying to simulate a timeout on your application side you could just use a dummy query like:

SELECT pg_sleep(seconds);

Where seconds is some integer value that would simulate a query just not coming back in a reasonable timeframe.

If you want to never come back from a query just run the above and kill the database.

pgrep posgres | xargs kill -15 $1

This would also simulate a query timeout I believe.


How are you simulating the successful queries? You should be able to use the same mechanism, but return PGRES_FATAL_ERROR (and appropriate message strings) in your PGresult return value .

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