I have minidlna set up on two servers on my subnet. One [serverA] is found by the other server [serverB] and the tv. The other [serverB] is not picked up by either other device. A quick check with both netcat and curl show the other device and port 8200 accessible, i.e. both:



nc -zv 8200

are successful. Additionally, I have also enabled allmulti and promisc for eth0 on serverb as per [here].1

Not sure how to proceed.

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I got it working by doing two things:

  1. Upped the announce rate - changed the notify interval from 900 to 90 in /etc/minidlna.conf, i.e. notify_interval=90
  2. Added a multicast route.

    route add -net netmask eth0

    ifconfig eth0 allmulti multicast

I also tried a few other seemingly legitimate changes to /etc/minidlna.conf but they caused things to quit working.

See also: http://www3.pluzzi.com:8083/miniDLNA_on_Ubuntu_8.04

  • Thanks! I rebooted the machine after running these commands. It works now. For some reason I have to restart miniDLNA occasionally to be seen by clients, but it's still progress.
    – dgo.a
    Dec 17, 2015 at 10:30

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