I recently installed Mint 17.2 (Rafalea) on a HP-255 G1 laptop. It was one of the smoothest installs I have ever done. However I have found a major issue with the Synaptic Package Manager. Whilst it lets me install new packages I cannot select other options. The most frustrating of these is that, I am unable to upgrade packages that are out of date. Re-install and Remove are also unselectable. Whist I could go to the command line I am reluctant to do so as it has lead me to dependency hell - obviously would be happy to use it to fix the problem.


After a couple of hours Googling I found a post that suggested that the issue was with mintinstall and advised running the following:-

apt-get purge mintinstall
apt-get install mintinstall

After running these and a reboot the Synaptic Package Manager behaved in its normal manner. The puzzling thing was that there was no suggestion that mintinstall was either broken or out-of-date.

  • The "suggestion" does appear in the Update Manager, when there is an update to Update Manager. If so, it appears as the only available update. Have a look at Mint Menu --> Administration --> Update Manager I know this sounds counter intuitive, but never assume Debian Based behaviors will work in Mint. I.e the Update Manager GUI should be used in lieu of the command line. – eyoung100 Jul 17 '15 at 22:19
  • this doesn't work for me! :-( - i just can not upgrade packages via synaptic (only by double-clicking the package) and after purging and installing mintinstall or also mintupdate nothing changed! – DJCrashdummy Jul 18 '15 at 11:50

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