I sometimes need to drag-and-drop files onto an application. (Example — but my question here is not installing Chrome userscripts.) One solution is to use Dragbox, which opens a window from which I can drag a file specified on the command line.

It's nice but I'd like to reduce the necessary mouse interaction. With Dragbox, I have to: arrange for both Dragbox and the drop zone to be visible; move the mouse cursor to the location where Dragbox displays the file; press the left mouse button; move the mouse cursor to the drop zone; release the cursor.

I'd like an interface that works more like copy-paste: run a command like dragbox --more-magic foo, then click on the drop zone. Or run the command then focus the drop zone and press a key. Is there a program to do that? Can it even be done with Freedesktop drag-and-drop?

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