I am using GParted for formatting my usb-device(a pendrive). And, I unmounted my device using the GUI program itself. The device doesn't show mounted anymore.

When I try to format my usb-device(/dev/sdc1) with ntfs-format, the ntfs operation seems disabled in the GParted (GNOME Partition Editor) GUI. Rest other options like fat32, ext3, ext4, etc. are already enabled. I think that has something to do with missing ntfs package/library on my system.

Does anybody know which extra package(s) is to be installed for the same for CENTOS 7? (fedora package)


OK, finally I got the solution. Though I was already having package ntfs-3g previously installed, it was not sufficient enough for formatting of the usb-drive in ntfs-format.

One needs to install ntfsprogs --- a subpackage of ntfs-3g for enabling the ntfs-format type partition in GParted.

I installed it using

sudo yum install ntfsprogs

The ntfsprogs package currently consists of a library and utilities such as mkntfs, ntfscat, ntfsls, ntfsresize, and ntfsundelete (for a full list of included utilities see man 8 ntfsprogs after installation).

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