I'm writing a python 3.4 app on a centos box. Normally, when I have to reset my tmux session, such as after a reboot I do the following:

[zippy@localhost ~]$ scl enable rh-python34 httpd24 bash
[zippy@localhost ~]$ source python34/bin/activate
(python34)[zippy@localhost ~]$

I could do it in one command, but I lose my prompt, and therefore presumably other stuff.

[zippy@localhost ~]$ scl enable rh-python34 httpd24 "source ../python34/bin/activate && bash"

I'm actually not sure why I can't just enter the virtual environment without enabling scl, but it still try to execute the default python instead of the scl one that I created the virtual environment with.

scl enable rh-python34 httpd24 -- bash --rcfile <(echo '. ~/python34/bin/activate')

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