I would like to pass whatever the user has typed in a bash shell to a command, when the user presses a keyboard binding|shortcut

For example : Lets say Ctrl+b is our binding

bind '"\C-b": "myCommand.sh"' 

User types tar czv then presses the shortcut—which passes the string 'tar czv' to mycommand.sh

Is this possible at all ? The only way I can think of is to pass it after echoing it.

bind '"\C-b": " \e[1~ echo '\''\e[4~'\''| mycommand.sh\n"'

Is there a better way?

  • Bash and zsh are completely different here, that should be two separate questions. I've removed the mention of zsh from your question since you have a bash answer. – Gilles Jul 15 '15 at 23:07

Not sure I exactly understand, but this seems to do what you want (?).

bind '"\C-b": "\C-a\C-kecho \'\'\\C-y\'\\' | myCommand.sh\n"'

The quoting gets tricky. Easier in ~/.inputrc:

"\C-b": "\C-a\C-kecho \'\C-y\' | myCommand.sh\n"

Instead of echoing, what about having the script take a command line argument instead? Again, in ~/.inputrc:

"\C-b": "\'\C-amyCommand.sh \'\n"

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