I would like send a chat message (like mail chat) between two systems, the systems are inter-connected proxy IP.


You can use talk or ytalk

More info:


You can use netcat,

On box1: nc -l 3333

On box2: nc $IP 3333, where $IP equals the local IP address of the first system.

Once you do this, in the same box (box2) , type something and press enter. Take a look on your other box.

You can also choose a different port and get it opened on the firewall.

  • Thank you. I have gone through netcat working good. Actually I need like gmail chat, means here box1 is must be open then only box2 can go ahead. Directly con't proceed it. Do that possible? – Sant Jul 15 '15 at 6:57

Edit: Neuron was 15s faster :)

Since you don't state your specific OS or networking setup, it won't be easy to suggest anything. Have a look at this example of a "chat" using netcat.

  • Thanks @Lenniey, we are using CentOS and Fedora linux operating systems – Sant Jul 15 '15 at 6:48

ychat for simple chat, but personally I'd be inclined to setup a (or just connect to an existing) IRC server

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