I have a CSV file with values like the following:


I want to fetch the values rows from this CSV file in such a way that the following sample conditions are met:

1) if (col7="Active" ) then sum of col1 values from all the rows

2) if (col6 == somevalue && column5 != somevalues) then sum of col1 values from all the rows.

I am able to fetch the rows from CSV file based on one column values which meets my first condition with the following awk command:

awk -F, '$7 == "Active" { print }' test.csv

How can i use multiple conditions in this awk command which checks multiple column values as mentioned in above sample condition 2 where i need to check present of some specific text in col6 and at the same time i need to ignore some keywords from column5. Is there a better and easier way of doing this instead of awk?


From The AWK Programming Language:

The simplest awk program is a sequence of pattern-action statements:
pattern { action }
pattern { action }

So, you can try following:

awk -F, '
         $7 == "Active" { x += $1; };
         $6 == "value6" && $5 != value5 { y += $1; };
         END { print x, y; }
        ' file

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