There is no stat command in Solaris 10. Is there any way to get numeric file permission?

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GNU stat is available in the SUNWgnu-coreutils package. If you're not able to install that, the pkgproto command is an alternative.

From the manual page:

pkgproto /bin=bin /usr/bin=usrbin /etc=etc
   f none bin/sed=/bin/sed 0775 bin bin
   f none bin/sh=/bin/sh 0755 bin daemon
   f none bin/sort=/bin/sort 0755 bin bin
   f none usrbin/sdb=/usr/bin/sdb 0775 bin bin
   f none usrbin/shl=/usr/bin/shl 4755 bin bin
   d none etc/master.d 0755 root daemon
   f none etc/master.d/kernel=/etc/master.d/kernel 0644 root daemon
   f none etc/rc=/etc/rc 0744 root daemon

It's trivial to extract that output so that you just have the octal file permissions.


You can try lstat, or lstat64 if it is a 64-bit machine.

  • I believe the question related to the stat command and not the stat system call. lstat and lstat64 are system calls, not commands.
    – mjturner
    Commented Jul 13, 2015 at 10:22

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