I’m going through the Android kernel and Google Glass kernel, and I’m trying to find the graphical parts of the operating system. I want to modify things like the splash screen displayed while the OS boots, how applications are displayed, etc. Where in the kernel can this be found and modified?

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There's an excellent chance that the "graphical parts" you're after aren't in the kernel at all. Most of a regular Linux box's graphics stack is in user space, so I don't see why Android would be any different.

The only large piece of graphics code in the stock Linux kernel is the Direct Rendering Manager, which is little more than an interface that lets user-space graphics code talk to the graphics hardware. The DRM is part of the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, which is largely user-space, as is everything that talks to it, such as the X Window System, the window manager, the widget toolkits, the OpenGL implementation, etc.

This design minimizes the amount of kernel code on purpose to reduce the security risks from having excess code in kernel space.

  • But If I'm flashing my phone with my own prebuilt Android Kernel from HTC. So there has to be a graphical part: Like desktop-screen and the applications. The question still remains, how can I flash my phone if there is no graphics? – Arif Jul 11 '15 at 19:32
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    @Arif: You seem to be confused about what a kernel is. Click that link. All of the parts you mention in your comment about are outside the kernel. They're either part of Android's user-space, or they're user-space add-ons from other providers, such as HTC in your case. The OS image you're flashing to the phone contains a whole lot more than just the Linux kernel. – Warren Young Jul 11 '15 at 21:44
  • Thanks a lot @Warren Young for making something more clear. I udnerstand that the kernel has nothing to do with the user Interface. Do you know how I can add a userinterface to kernel? And is there any tutorials for that? – Arif Jul 11 '15 at 21:51
  • @Arif: I suggest that you get involved with the Android Open Source Project, or one of its derivatives, such as CyanogenMod. Anyway, you're getting really off-topic for this site now. Developer discussions are better on Stack Overflow, and Android questions belong on Android Enthusiasts. This site would be appropriate if you'd rooted your phone and wanted to know how to set up a cron script via ssh or something like that. – Warren Young Jul 11 '15 at 21:57

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