I want to add Python 2.7 to my Unix.
I downloaded the sources to the VirtualBox on which the Unix is installed and run

./configure --prefix=/usr       \
            --enable-shared     \
            --with-system-expat \

without problems.

However, when I try to run make, it fails on:

cc –Kpthread –Wl,-Bexport –o python Modules/python.o libpython2.7.a -lsocket –lnsl –lpthread –ldl –lm 

Undefined                       first referenced
symbol                              in file
_PyInt_FromDev                      libpython2.7.a(posixmodule.o)     
UX:ld: ERROR: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to python
*** Error code 1 (bu21)
UX:make: ERROR: fatal error.

I tried to find a solution searching on Google, without much success.

Can you suggest directions towards a solution?


  • OS Unixware 7.1.4
  • Python 2.7.10

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make is successful when #endif is moved from line 526 of Modules/posixmodule.c to line 513.

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