I'm trying to copy all files of a type in a given directory and subdirectories but excluding files of a different type.

find /var/ftp/pub/bs -iname "*foo*.foo" -exec cp {} /var/ftp/pub/bs1 \;

which works but I'd rather do the exclude which is more accurate.

So I need to copy files with that end with *.foo but exclude files that contain foo1

Something like this (which doesn't work)

find /var/ftp/pub/bs -iname "*.foo" | grep --exclude="*foo1*" -exec cp {} /var/ftp/pub/bs1
find ... -iname "*.foo" ! -iname "*foo1*" ...

You may need to escape the ! depending on your shell.

  • That worked. I did need to escape it. Thanks much! – user11064 Sep 27 '11 at 5:00

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