I am writing a kickstart file to configure a CentOS 7 installation. I'd like to install some packages from the Fedora EPEL repository, so I'm adding a repo command to the configuration.

I'm having trouble finding the canonical URL I should use for the --mirrorlist option. Where would this be documented?

repo --name=epel --mirrorlist=<which url?>
# various packages

I didn't see anything listed in the EPEL FAQ and Fedora's mirror manager site just has a bunch of human-readable pages. In addition, the kickstart documentation does not document what the format of a mirror list must be.


The Fedora Project has some documentation on its mirrorlists on its MirrorManage wiki page.



I also discovered that the CentOS 7 epel-release package installs a configuration file at /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo which had some clues:


Anaconda supports substituting $basearch and other variables in a kickstart repo command.

Ultimately I had a lot of trouble with repo commands and was not able to install the epel-release package from kickstart. I gave up and used Packer and Ansible to install packages instead.


The answer is:


This is just a plain text file, with one URL per line.

By providing invalid entries for the repo and arch parameters, you can get a list of valid entries, including:

# repo=epel-6&arch=i386
# repo=epel-6&arch=ppc64
# repo=epel-6&arch=x86_64
# repo=epel-7&arch=aarch64
# repo=epel-7&arch=ppc64
# repo=epel-7&arch=ppc64le
# repo=epel-7&arch=x86_64

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