In order to install Linux mint mate edition on a HP pavilion notebook, I downloaded the iso file on the official website. I created a bootable USB stick with Rufus. I shrinked the windows partition and I have a partition only for Linux. When I reboot, I can go to the boot menu. The menu is asking for an EFI file and I don't have it in my usb key. I looked in the directories of the usb key, and nothing is related to EFI. I disabled the "secure boot" and I don't have a "fast boot" option.

I'm not able to go in the Mint's install menu. Is there something to do?

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Rufus might have spoiled the image, try plain dd if=mint.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M where sdX is corresponding to your flashdrive, see also fdisk -l or dmesg | grep sd

The proper EFI boot media is a FAT32 one with EFI/BOOT/ in its topdir; you might want to read up on EFI bootloader principles if interested. Matthew Garrett's ISO9660 notes are hilarious and much recommended either.

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