If I use keyboard/mouse Xorg server understand that then computer involved into user input activity.

How to enable support for indicating user activity through gamepad so monitor suddenly doesn't turn off when I play game with gamepad.

Note that I don't ask about xset -dpms s off.


Looking to xinput --list as suggested by Alexander Barakin shown that my gamepad isn't handled by Xorg.

Games directly communicate with /dev/input/js* so Xorg doesn't know about any activity through gamepad.

Possible solutions:

  • wrapper scripts around commands that xset -dpms s off; COMMAND; xset +dpms s on
  • detecting X properties, like class/resource pattern names and running xset .... It is possible to disable DPMS when application run if full-screen mode, etc.
  • make CRON job that detect particular processes and disable DPMS

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