When you enter route in the command line, for flags it prints out U, UG, etc. In the file for route it stores flags as a number 0001, 0003 etc. How are the numbers for flags in the file /proc/net/route converted to the letters for flags that are printed out using route?


Net-tools sources are here. Decoding flags in lib/inet_gr.c:

    /* Decode the flags. */
    flags[0] = '\0';
    if (iflags & RTF_UP)
        strcat(flags, "U");
    if (iflags & RTF_GATEWAY)
        strcat(flags, "G");

And flags are defined in lib/net-support.h. Example:

    #define RTF_UP          0x0001          /* route usable                 */
    #define RTF_GATEWAY     0x0002          /* destination is a gateway     */
    #define RTF_HOST        0x0004          /* host entry (net otherwise)   */

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