I'm kind of new to using NFS in the context of Linux permissions, so I'm a little lost on how I can make this work.

Here's my setup:

  • alpha writes files as root to the mounted NFS share.
  • beta serves NFS and reads files from the shared directory, as well as serves the files out over HTTP. The HTTP server runs as user blaster with group server.

The dilemma I'm facing is that files are written as root on alpha and can't read or written by user blaster of group server on beta.

The question is: how can I fix this? Do I have to create user blaster and group server on alpha and write files using this user and group in order to allow things to be shared with beta?


Writing files as root to an NFS share (by an NFS client) is a really bad idea. So bad, that the default is to not permit this.

If you want the same privileges on beta as on alpha, then you need to create users with the same User ID on both machines and groups with the same Group ID on both machines. The actual names are irrelevant, though it is really handy that they are the same.

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