I have a cron that I am writing that will repeat every hour, and I need a simple way to pass a counter from the last run to the next run.

My plan was to add the number to a file at the end, and then call it back at the beginning, e.g.

At end of the first cron run:

echo $INC_COUNT > inc_counter.txt

Then at the start of the second run:


So far so good, but now I need to increment that number. I tried:


neither of which worked. What is the best way to increment this number?

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    Your NEW_INC_COUNTER is 1+1 string. If you want to add integer to variable, you can write it this way: NEW_INC_COUNTER=$((OLD_INC_COUNTER+1)). BTW: i++ equivalent from C language in bash is $((i++)). – patryk.beza Jul 8 '15 at 16:06

The following methods will work:

  1. NEW_INC_COUNTER=$((OLD_INC_Counter+1))
  2. ((NEW_INC_COUNTER = OLD_INC_Counter+1))
  3. ((OLD_INC_Counter+=1))
  4. ((OLD_INC_Counter++))
  5. let "NEW_INC_COUNTER = OLD_INC_Counter+1"
  6. let "OLD_INC_Counter+=1"
  7. let "OLD_INC_Counter++"

Good luck!

  • Also, NEW_INC_COUNTER=$(expr "$OLD_INC_Counter" + 1).  The spaces before and after the + are required.  Note, that, unlike the above, this will work if you fall into a time warp and come out in the 1980s.  (Except, strictly speaking, you would need to use NEW_INC_COUNTER=`expr "$OLD_INC_Counter" + 1`; the $(…) syntax wasn't invented until a few years later.)  (Oh, there are also solutions featuring echo … | bc and echo … | dc.) – G-Man Jul 9 '15 at 2:33
  • cheers for that, they worked perfectly, – IGGt Jul 9 '15 at 11:36

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