I need to collect current data from the nginx access.log every minute to monitor amount of requests and errors. It's nginx's frontend log - with a lot of requests. It's formatted, rotated, then archived every hour.

So — requests per minute and various errors per minute — how to parse that I know — but how to get 1 minute worth of logs?

I am trying to timeout 60s tail -f /var/log/veryfastmovingaccess.log >> 60s_log.tmp Then awk parses tmp, cleans it, restarts tail. Am I doing it wrong?

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You're better off looking at a proper monitor infrastructure, but a quick-n-dirty solution for nginx may be to use ngxtop. It will probably also be a good starting point for any custom monitoring you want to do.

In response to your original question, see also this thread on Server Fault.

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