I tried with xrdb -query -all. But it does not give the Xterm default background color code. My background color is cornflower blue. But I could not see that in list. Can any one let me know how to know that?


appres XTerm xterm shows all the resources read by Xterm when invoked under the name xterm. This includes both user customizations uploaded to the X server (visible with xrdb -query) and default files read on the client side by the application.

The first argument is the class name (conventionally starting with an uppercase letter; you can change it by running xterm -class OtherName). The second argument (optional) is the instance name (conventionally starting with a lowercase letter; you can change it by renaming the executable or passing the -name option).


X11 applications like xterm get their resources like the background colour from many places. xrdb only lists resources held by the X11 server.

If you look in the man page for xterm you will find in the FILES section the names of files that are also read for resources. On my system they are


If you want the names of the colours like CornflowerBlue, they are held in a text file. On my system they are in /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt.

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