Example file:


What's the Fedora equivalent of this file? (Not limited to util-linux - generic question for any package.)

Use case: A prerm script is failing. For debugging purposes, I would like to enable xtrace (sh -x).


Fedora uses RPMs. Assuming the util-linux RPM is installed on your system, the command to show the pre-removal scriptlet is:

rpm -q --queryformat '%{PREUN}\n' util-linux

You can check if the "util-linx" RPM is installed with this command:

rpm -q util-linux

If you want to show all RPM scriptlets for util-linux, you can use this command:

rpm -q --scripts util-linux

EDIT: Since the pre-removal script failed, it is possible that the RPM did not get installed. In this case, you can view the scriptlet of an uninstalled RPM with this command:

rpm -qp --scripts util-linux

To view all scriptlets for every package that is currently installed on your system:

rpm -qa --scripts
  • But how do I run the scriptlet with debugging enabled? (xtrace, set -x) – adrelanos Jul 6 '15 at 21:44

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