Is there any way that I can make networkmanager to assign some unique names or device derrived name instead of Auto Ethernet so that we can avoid the names conflict?

After I've upgraded to Ubuntu Vivid which uses systemd(though I'm not sure if it's directly related or it's just a bug / regression of network-manager) both of my mobile broadband devices get the "Auth Ethernet" name and are unable to get connected simultaneously.

I can temporarry fix it using nmcli con add type ethernet con-name my-office ifname ens3 but I would rather like to have network-manager handle this automatically (i.e. assign a random / unique conn name).

Use case:

I have two broadband USB devices and I need to connect to both of them. The issue is that NetworkManager displays them both as Auto Ethernet (duplicate in the network manager applet) and when I try to connect to the second network it errors out (32) Connection 'Auto Ethernet' is already active on enp0s20u. When I try to "edit" the connections it displays only one Auto Ethernet connection.

/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections also lists only one Auto Ethernet


Disable your Network Manager and Configure the devices using files defined in /etc/network/interfaces

you can also rename the device name using udev rules as

Using Udev rules to rename the devices

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
cat 70-persistent-net.rules

edit the 70-persistent-net.rules to change the name of PCI Devices in your case USB device and connect it

  • That's not really convenient because the mobilebroadband devices are not easy to configure. I also loose the Predictable Network Name and any networkd/systemd configuration if I add 70-persistent-net.rules Jul 6 '15 at 7:37

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