I can't understand what is difference among tty, ttyS, pts and vcsa? Are they same? when we connect a serial cable to a server which hosts unix-like operating system, which ones of these type of terminals( If i call them correctly) will be activate ? Also, which one of these are related with my keyboard ?

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tty - a native terminal, either kernel-emulated or hardware-implemented.

ttys - serial console

pty - Pseudo-terminal service, something emulated by a software like screen or ssh.

vcs, vcsa - virtual console memory. Explanation here.

Keyboard is usually with tty and/or pty, while a serial cable goes with ttyS

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  • These aren't necessarily the names for all consoles since, in theory, device nodes can have any name just like any other file. For instance, a driver might name a console "coolCompanyTty0" – PNDA Feb 21 '19 at 1:56

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