I am creating a password protected file using 7za, command:

    7za a /usr/test/loc/file.del.7za /usr/test/loc/file.del -p


    Creating archive /usr/test/loc/file.del.7za

    Enter password (will not be echoed) :
    Verify password (will not be echoed) :

    Everything is Ok

However, while extracting the files using the command: 7za e /usr/test/loc/file.del.7za, it won't prompt me to enter the password and would extract the file. Looking at the documentation, this is not the expected working. Where am I going wrong?

  • Actually, it turns out that 7za does not ask for a password for archives that contain empty files. Isn't it weird though! Jul 2 '15 at 23:38

I had archived an empty file and had password set for it. Turns out that 7za would not ask for password when archive contains only empty files.

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