I'm trying to make a script that will run in cron, that will search a path for specific file name. In the path there might be more folders with that same file name. If found and they are newer than 2 days, rsync the parent folder and all content. This part works but only syncs "filename.txt" that is newer than 2 days and nothing else:

find /path/ -name "filename.txt" -type f -mmin -$((60*48)) -exec rsync --ignore-exsiting -az --log-file=/path/ {} /source /destination \;

I'm assuming by parent folder you just mean the folder with filename.txt.

You can get find to print this folder name with -printf '%h\n' instead of the -exec. You can pipe this into a shell loop or xargs for example:

find /path/ -name "filename.txt" -type f -mtime -2 -printf '%h\n' |
  xargs -i rsync ... {} /destination \;

I think you need to add -R to your rsync, else all the directories will be superimposed at the destination.

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