I have a python script which compare IP list with IP Database and gives output of matching criteria. (I got the script from this forum).


    import socket,struct
    for l in open("database.txt"):

    for l in open("iplist.txt"):
        for e in db:
            if e[0]<=ip<=e[1]:
                print l.strip(),e[2],e[3]

The output is in csv format and I want the output in XML, I'm achieving this using AWK command,

awk -F" " 'BEGIN{print"<markers>"} {printf"<marker information=\"%s\" Longitude=\"%s\" Latitude=\"%s\" />\n",$1,$3,$2} END{print"</markers>"}' mapinfo.csv

I can use the following command to combine both,

./convert.py | awk -F" " 'BEGIN{print"<markers>"} {printf"<marker information=\"%s\" Longitude=\"%s\" Latitude=\"%s\" />\n",$1,$3,$2} END{print"</markers>"}'

Any help on how can I use the awk within the python script itself or any other way to display in required format?


<marker information="" Longitude="-79.377040" Latitude="43.641233" />
<marker information="" Longitude="28.043630" Latitude="-26.202270" />
<marker information="" Longitude="-83.227531" Latitude="42.461234" />
<marker information="" Longitude="-118.343030" Latitude="34.091104" />
<marker information="" Longitude="-73.587810" Latitude="45.508840" />
<marker information="" Longitude="67.082200" Latitude="24.905600" />

This example assumes, all the csv contents are lying in a file named a.csv...you can change it to use stdout stream instead of file stream

and out of laziness, i put longitude, latitude as sub-elements.. you can put them as attributes as well

 from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element, SubElement, Comment, tostring

top = Element('markers')
f = open('a.csv')
for line in f:
  split_list = line.strip().split(',')
  information_txt = split_list[0]
  longitude_txt = split_list[1]
  latitude_txt = split_list[2]
  marker = SubElement(top, 'marker')
  info = SubElement(marker, 'information')
  info.text = information_txt
  longitude = SubElement(marker, 'longitude')
  longitude.text = longitude_txt
  latitude = SubElement(marker, 'latitude')
  latitude.text = latitude_txt

print tostring(top)
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