I'm making a Rubik's Cube scramble generator, and the turns can't be side by side or else it's useless. I'm trying to stop it from doing the following:
Displaying the same string twice, i.e R2 R2
Displaying the same kind of string twice, i.e R2 R
Displaying the inverse of the string next to it, i.e R Ri

Here's the code:

turns=( R Ri 
    L Li
    U Ui 
    D Di
    F Fi
    B Bi
    R2 L2 
    U2 D2
    F2 B2

for ((i=1; i<=$1; i++))
do {
echo ${turnArray[*]}

An example of what I want the result to turn out to be:
Script yields: D2 B Bi Bi Ri Fi R2 D Li U F2 Ri R2 R2 F2
*s around what need to be changed: D2 *B Bi Bi* Ri Fi R2 D Li U F2 Ri *R2 R2* F2

(In case you're wondering, the lowercase i in the turn means "inverted".)


turns=(R Ri L Li U Ui D Di F Fi B Bi R2 L2 U2 D2 F2 B2)

declare -A possible
for i in ${turns[@]}; do
        possible[$i]=$(printf "%s\n" "${turns[@]}" | grep -v ${i:0:1})

for ((i=0; i<$1; i++)); do
        j=$(shuf -n 1 -e $next)

echo ${turnArray[*]}
  • Precalculate next possible moves in an assoc array possible.
  • Use shuf to choose next move from arguments.

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