I'm trying to verify a program's output with my machine. This is the program's output


My job is to verify that these information is correct. I've tried looking through with lspci but I'm not sure if that's the correct information I need.

Is there anywhere else besides lspci that I can look?

  • You can try scanpci, lshw command
    – user121635
    Jul 1 '15 at 6:48

What part of the output of lspci is not what you were expecting? I'm pretty sure if lspci doesn't have it, you won't find what you need, although you may need to use command line options to get more detailed information.

lspci gets its information from /sys; specifically, /sys/bus/pci/devices. You could try looking at that. Beware, that information isn't meant for human consumption, and might be difficult to understand without the documentation.

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