We are trying to setup a local repo that contains all the base packages. So to get started we need to download around 3500+ packages and save it in a folder that will be used as a Repo storage.

We have tried following:

1. for i in `cat pkg_list`; do yum install $i --downloadonly --downloaddir=/pkgs/; done

The above for loop fails when trying to parse the next value of $i because there is already a live yum process running.

2. yum install <all packages> --downloadonly --downloaddir=/pkgs/

In the above command, we are not sure how to pass all 3500+ package names.

Any ideas or suggestions would be really helpful! Thanks.


Try this:

$ yum install --downloadonly --downloaddir=/pkgs/ `cat pkg_list`

You can specify multiple package names on the yum command line. The only caveat here is that your command line may become too long for the shell.


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