I've installed tmux from apt-get. I checked the version is 1.8.
But when I directly go to tmux official site, I see the latest version is 2.0.

How can I upgrade to 2.0?
sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade tmux always tell me I've got the newest version of tmux which is wrong.

I'm using ubuntu 14.04.

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    You should include some information about your operating system. As you're using apt I guess it's debian based? But are you sitting in front of a Debian/Ubuntu/Mint etc? – binfalse Jun 30 '15 at 9:40
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    see answer on stackoverflow.com – meuh Jun 30 '15 at 10:11

There are alternative repositories from which you can install later versions of tmux, but they are not official. Installing from source is relatively easy:

# install any dependency packages needed for building
sudo apt-get install -y exuberant-ctags cmake libevent-dev libncurses5-dev
# download link from official http://tmux.github.io/ site
wget https://github.com/tmux/tmux/releases/download/2.0/tmux-2.0.tar.gz
tar xvf tmux-2.0.tar.gz
cd tmux-2.0
./configure && make

and if that all worked, make sure all running tmux sessions are stopped (because the protocol version might differ)

sudo apt-get remove -y tmux
sudo make install
  • don't think you need exuberant-tags to install tmux – alpha_989 Apr 22 '18 at 17:04

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