I'm trying to install the latest version of Blender on my Linux Mint computer. The software manager installed an ancient version (2.69). I was advised to add this PPA to my system: https://launchpad.net/~thomas-schiex/+archive/ubuntu/blender

I followed the installation steps successfully. I also added the public key of the PPA after having an error message related to that. I ran the sudo apt-get update command.

But when I launch Blender from the launchpad, I still get 2.69.

How can I get the launchpad to launch a more recent version of this software?

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Iif you ran apt-get update and only that after you added the respository, then you have not updated Blender, rather the references to it. To upgrade Blender, type

apt-get install blender

or even (better, if installed)

aptitude upgrade blender

and see if it fetches the version you expect.


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