I need to print the data starting from the line that matches Data after AB process=1234 (full 10): till end of the file.

I tried putting the data in a variable called "value" and using sed as below. However, it gives an error "extra characters at the end of D command.

value="Data after AB process=1234 (full 10):"
sed -n ' '$value' ' p datasourcefile.log
sed -n '/Data after AB process=1234 (full 10):/,$p' file


value='Data after AB process=1234 (full 10):'
sed -n '/'"${value}"'/,$p' file

Take a look at: Difference between single and double quotes in bash

  • Thank you so much. I tried the second option and it worked – alex Jun 25 '15 at 19:54
{ grep -Fm1 'Data after AB process=1234 (full 10):'; cat; } <infile

...will work w/ a GNU grep and a regular input file.

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