I'm trying out arch for the first time in a virtual box following this guide. All went well and I wanted to install KDE. According to these steps I've picked the nvidia driver suite when running:

pacman -Ss xf86-video

and ended up having:

#pacman -Q | grep nvidia
nvidia-340xx-libgl 340.76-2
nvidia-340xx-utils 340.76-2

Running it as a guest machine, required installing the following packages(I'm using the default kernel 4.0.5-1-ARCH):


The required kernel modules are loaded on startup:

# cat /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf

.xinitrc contains:


and .Xauthority is empty. Upon launching X the following output is returned:

x output

The logs show that there is no compatible nvidia driver:

no nvidia driver

Now, my best guess is that I shouldn't have picked the nvidia drivers. Unfortunately, I'm unable to remove them through pacman:

unable to remove package

How may I remove these packages?


I've managed to install the nouveau drivers but run into another issue: X can't find the "glx" module:


Also when checking the configuration files a "no screens found" error is returned:


The xorg.conf is the default configuration file:

x_conf_1 x_conf_2 x_conf_3

(pastebinit does not work in the guest vb)

  • Try deleting xorg.conf, I don't see no reason for you to have it in the first place. – Brean Jun 24 '15 at 22:46
  • @ Brean I've deleted both files. The logs are the same however; X can't find the "glx" module. – Sebi Jun 24 '15 at 22:50
  • Wait, both files? Which ones do you mean? I was talking about /etc/X11/xorg.conf or possibly the contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. Also, make sure you've gotten rid of any nvidia-340xx related packages, and you might want to install xf86-video-vesa for it to have something to fall back on. – Brean Jun 24 '15 at 23:07
  • @Brean. I have removed the nvidia drivers and also installed vesa. There were two files in my home directory: ~/xorg.conf and ~/xorg.conf.new with the same contents. – Sebi Jun 24 '15 at 23:10
  • xorg.conf in your home directory doesn't affect xorg. Delete /etx/X11/xorg.conf and the contents of /etx/X11/xorg.conf, reboot and startx again with vesa installed. If the problem persists, post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log. – Brean Jun 24 '15 at 23:17

Some clarifications:

  • nvidia-340xx-utils is not the driver itself, it is utilities for the (if I've understood correctly) proprietary driver which you haven't installed.

  • xf86-video-* is open source video drivers, of which xf86-video-nouveau is the nvidia compatible one.

  • pacman -Ss searches for packages, whereas sudo pacman -S installs them. Use sudo pacman -Rs to remove a package and its dependencies not required by other packages.

Your problems should be solved by installing xf86-video-nouveau using sudo pacman -S xf86-video-nouveau.

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  • I've managed to install the nouveau drivers but now X is unable to load the glx module(I'll edit the question). – Sebi Jun 24 '15 at 22:12

I've managed to get it running; installed plasma desktop package:

pacman -S  plasma 

(more details here) and pointed X to it(appended the following line to ~/.xinit):

exec startkde

Running startx launches KDE.

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