I am new to shell scripting. I want to clear log files in a directory based on the dates. I have managed to gather this code:


echo "Enter the path"
read path
if [ $path == $DIR1 || $path == $DIR2 || $path == DIR3 || $path == $Admin ]
  echo  $path "check your path"

find $path -mtime +10 --# This line here "10" represents listing out the last 10 days logs
for i in *.log* *.out*
  cat /dev/null >"$i"
echo "Re-enter the Correct path"
read path

This script gives me output when I give input like this:

Enter your path :

It will clear all the log files until the date of running that script.

But I want that if I run this script I can clear the log files for times other than the last 10 days, i.e., if I run this today (24/06/2015), then I can clear the log files before the date 14/06/2015.

Also: rather than entering the full directory path, can I store that in a variable and just type that variable name (instead of entering the full directory path)?

For example, instead of entering /home/u01/app/oracle/servers/DIR1/logs I am looking for a procedure where I can just enter DIR1 so that it can go into that directory without the total path.

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There is a tool called logrotate read the manual page man logrotate it is started by cron and probably already cleaning the log directory you can add your own configurataion files to /etc/logrotate.d

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    probably not configured to do the ones in home directory, but you can run it manually, or add configuration. Commented Jun 24, 2015 at 19:29
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    Note that logrotate may or may not be available on the concerned OS, which is not stated clearly in OP. Commented Jun 24, 2015 at 19:33
  • Hi thanks for response but can you please elaborate about this, as i am very new to shell scripting , what are the configuration files and i need to clear all *.log files and *.out files based on the date and day which has to clear the log files accordingly.thanks in advance. please share an example script if anyone has
    – mahesh
    Commented Jun 25, 2015 at 20:11
  • have you read the manual page for logrotate yet ? whenyou try something and get stuck, write a new question.
    – X Tian
    Commented Jun 26, 2015 at 7:36

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