According to CentOS website, they use the source code from Red Hat, but I am not clear about what version of Red Hat source code is being used to build each version of CentOS.

Is there a numeric equivalent? For example, is CentOS 6.5 equivalent/based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5?

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CentOS 6.5 is based on RHEL 6.5; prior to CentOS 7, CentOS versions exactly match RHEL versions. The pattern changed with CentOS 7, which uses something like a build number: CentOS 7 (1406) is based on RHEL 7.0, CentOS 7 (1503) is based on RHEL 7.1, etc. You'll find all the details on the CentOS wiki (look for the "Archived Versions" section).

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    Thanks for the link. I just noticed that wiki.centos.org/Download includes the version of RedHat used to create each version of CentOS. That's great info. Jun 24, 2015 at 18:26

Yes. CentOS uses the same major and minor release numbers as the RHEL version they are rebuilding.

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