Some Emacs keyboard shortcuts are intercepted by KDE. I know that KDE lets you configure keyboard shortcuts via GUI, but I am tired of sifting every time all the menus. I would like to open the files where KDE stores its shortcuts, both at the system level and at the user level, and change all the shortcuts that interfere with Emacs once for all.

I am using KDE 4.14.2.

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    Just a note for current KDE5: it's stored in ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc – pevik Jan 5 '17 at 9:21

The global ones are in ~/.kde4/share/config/kglobalshortcutsrc. Different apps/services may have specific ones in their own config files - many in the same dir.

Note: the ~/.kde4 path is seen on OpenSUSE, on other distributions the path may exist under ~/.kde instead.

  • I have customized some keyboard shortcuts, but there is no ~/.kde4/share/config/ directory. – Eleno Jun 24 '15 at 17:24
  • My KDE is 4.14.6, I doubt that changed in between. Maybe opensuse (I'm on 13.2) customisation? Maybe some other location under ~/.kde4? Or ~/.kde (this used to be the default years ago, maybe ~/.kde4 itself is a suse customisation from when they shipped with both KDE3 and KDE4)? – Dan Cornilescu Jun 24 '15 at 18:50

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