Is it possible to customize the background color of the title of the active window in Gnome 3? Right now, the title of the active window is white text on light grey. Besides being almost unreadable, the active window doesn't look much different than inactive windows, whose title is medium gray on light grey. I have several different settings for Window and GTK+ in the Appearance section of the Gnome Tweak Tool, but they do nothing.

I am using Gnome Classic with GNOME 3.14.1.


Here I described my solution to the problem for Gnome 3.16 (Fedora 22): https://ivand0.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/changing-active-window-title-bar-color-in-gnome-3-16/

It might not be 100% precise though since I wrote it down 2 weeks after actually doing it.

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