I want to route network traffic that comes from one end of an ssh tunnel (constructed by ssh dynamic port-forwarding) into one end of a VPN tunnel.

Given four Linux devices A, B, C and D, for example, I want to make a network traffic route

A --ssh_tunnel--> B ------> C


A --ssh_tunnel--> B --GRE_tunnel--> D ------> C

All the IP addresses of these devices are static except C which is dynamic. To make the above topology, I properly configured device D and confirmed that the GRE tunnel is successfully established.

However I could not find how to configure device B in order to route traffic that comes from A through the ssh tunnel to the GRE tunnel which is established between B and D. Since the IP address of C is dynamic, destination-based routing which can be configured on B (using route) is not possible. Actually I tried to configure device B with ip and iptables command lines to apply source based routing, but I could not reach a solution.

  • just to give a helpful hint: did you try or searched for masquerading in iptables? With this you can reach portforwarding, you can define interfaces instead of static IP's with this, as far as I know
    – quenia
    Jun 23, 2015 at 12:03

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Assuming you just want to forward a SSH connection all the way down to C, you could e.g. make the SSH endpoint on B a dedicated user account, and then use the iptables owner module to match --uid-owner username in order to get that traffic to go out through the interface towards D.

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