Is it possible to introduce in a RAID 1 setup a larger drive using its free space for further uses?


What we have:

sda - 250 GB HD
 |-- sda1 - /boot
 |-- sda2 - /

sdb - 500 GB HD
 |-- sdb1 - /boot
 |-- sdb2 - /
 |-- sdb3 - whatever

md - RAID1 setup
 |-- md0 - /boot - sd[ab]1
 |-- md1 - / - sd[ab]2

In this case we could use sdb3 for something else. Is this possible? I've never set up a software RAID and this struck my mind.


Yes, sdb3 is available for you to use as you wish.

In your example the MD devices would probably be md0 and md1 rather than md0p1 and md0p2.


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