I to install the AMD Catalyst 15.3 driver in Fedora 22, since that is the only driver that supports the X11 server 1.17.



AMD released a new version of Catalyst, therefore, no longer need to use my driver, here are the link which is a guide to install Catalyst 15.7 on Fedora 22.

I'll leave my answer about installing Catalyst if any of you still want to use my driver.

I hope my driver were to have served during this time, I will continue making contributions to GNU/Linux.

I have some time trying to install Catalyst 15.3 on Fedora 22. Since the driver is only available in Ubuntu, I decided to try making my own driver (I did not programmed) and after several attempts I made it, I built one driver, who you can install generically on any GNU/Linux distribution.

The following instructions are for installing the driver on Fedora 21/22:

  1. Update all your system correctly:

    sudo dnf upgrade

and then restart your system.

  1. Download the driver that I did it from here:


  2. Uncompress the driver.

  3. After having uncompressed, open a terminal in the folder you extracted and run the following commands:

    sudo dnf install gcc gcc-c++ make kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms fakeroot

    sudo cp /usr/include/linux/version.h /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include/linux/

    sudo ./ati-installer.sh 15.20 --install

    sudo aticonfig --initial

  4. (Recommended) If you are using GNOME:

If you use GNOME + gdm, you will experience some problems with the driver, to correct these problems follow these instructions (this works in Fedora 21/22, I do not know if it works in other distributions):

  • Download the following script:


  • Then run the following commands in the folder where you downloaded the script:


    dnf install lightdm

    systemctl disable gdm

    systemctl enable lightdm

    sh catalyst-fix-gdm.sh

  6.  After you have correctly followed the guide, reboot your system and enjoy the driver

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